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FV Prologue Cover by Constraticron FV Prologue Cover by Constraticron
Cover for the comic...
Forsaken Valley is a comic that's been stewing in my head for about 2 years. I acted on the idea last summer. The story is still in development, I kinda just write it as it comes.
Now, some things i'd like to get off my chest now;

-This is the only inked part you get to see.
Many appologies. I have no professional inking pens of my own. I plan to get some at some point. Maybe christmas?
Or would you rather I used ballpoint pen?
Yeah. Neither do I. I've had bad experiences with ballpoint pen.
If it gets bad to the point where you can't see it, i'll touch it up a bit in an editing program.

-This comic contains alot of anthro characters.
So I don't want to hear any bitching about 'furries'. There's the back button, if you're going to be like that, click it and piss off.

-No, I will not put a mature content warning on this.
There's no sex, and the violence isn't anything you couldn't see in Bleach, Naruto or any other mainstream manga.

-Half of this comic is about a half-year old. Maybe more.
The most recent pages are anything over page 10, so you may notice a few a ton of changes in the drawing style here and there, as I started to draw more and more.

-Constructive criticism appreciated.
Constructive criticism is when you say what you don't like about something and then saying how to improve in a polite manner. Blasting someone is the outright opposite of constructive criticism. If you can't give any constructive criticism, then either leave without a word or go soak your head.

I can't see there being anything else to say.
Now that i've been firm about this, if you say anything pertaining to any of the above, I will quaintly report your spam, block you and thoroughly ignore you.

Shall we go, then? [link]
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kiananuva12 Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2010
Awsome job;p
ShadowDemon101 Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2009
OOooo this looks promising! 8D
Constraticron Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2009  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Ahh, where've you been at?
Thanks for taking the time to look and comment on all my work, I really do appreciate it.
ShadowDemon101 Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2009
School's killing me and eating up my time TTwTT;;
Awww well no problem, I personally hate to look at someone's art and not comment <3
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DevinRingland Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2010  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
lolol amerz, jibberjabber XD it does look cool though
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October 30, 2009
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